Sunday, June 1, 2014

Masterpiece Project Prezi

This is the Prezi that i made to show what i have learned and expierenced in the field of study i am really pasionate about. I feel that a lot of this was possible because of the Open Source Learning class that i was apart of.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Request For Response. ( Yeah. My 50th Post! ) is the link to an article called  "Saving Young people from themselves"

Through  this article it talks about retirement for young people. It says that we as young people will be worse off when we retire.  He states that if we do the same type of retirment plan as australia ( the superannuation plan ) that we would be better off as americans. meaning that it wouldnt just benefit the younger people but benefit americans over all. with the superannuation plan it would just take the retirment money right out of our annual pay along with taxes, which would profide 25 trillion dollars through investment assets. In my opinion that sounds like a really good idea for americans although we still have the national debt that we as the young millenials have to figure a way out to extinguish. I feel that this is a big problem and we as young people may not be able to live as well off senior citizens. to me the debt is a really big problem.

 This article kind of confused me. I am hopefully gonna be able to understand more of this financial conversation in class tomorow. I will be doing a follow up to this post about what i finally got to understand about the crisis this poses.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


I have been thinking about how wonderful it would be to be able to speak another language. Me personally can't. I haven't taken any foreign language at all during highschool. Do i regret it? yeah. But it isnt necesarily over. I will be going to college soon. so i plan to take a foreign language class. Hopefully I will be able to pick from a big selection. I have always thought french or spanish have been some good choices. But i dont know at the current moment. I hope that i am a person that it will come easy to.


Trough my masterpiece project i believe that i have been showing my creative side. To become a veterinarian or go into a medical field of any kind. you have to have a certain level of creativity. For you to have to find out what could be wrong with your patient you have to think outside the box. go through books and websites and try to figure out why something is happening when i try this. It is all a creative process that i hopefully will have when i become a veterinarian.

The above paragraph would also go into critical thinking. making choices that can either help a life or end it. When ever you are talking about someones health, you are basically making a gamble. One can only hope that it is for the greater good.

I have been talking to some veterinarians about collaborating, so that i can become an even better veterinarian when i grow up. I believe that it is all going really well.

These are a few things that i have figured out while doing this masterpiece project.


This essay describes how an artist chooses her path. The path of SHOULD and the path of MUST. While reading this i actually got to thinking. Am i on the right path? Am i on the MUST path? I would like to think so. But i believe that there might be a few things that i havent done quite yet. Hopefully through this essay i will be able to complete everything i should for MUST.

I believe i should focus more on these SHOULD's and MUST's. I believe that if i can narrow down my goals even more than i have. Put twice the effort into everything i do. Then i will make this expierence for my career goals that will help me drastically and hopefully it will lead to a life that i am happy with. A life where i have become a great veterinarian that i am proud of and that some younger aspiring veterinarians will look upto just like i am. And i hope that they will try to reach out to me so that i can help them. I don't feel the choice to want to help younger ones is a SHOULD choice. I think it is more of a MUST. It would make them happy and i woud be happy that i could help someone that wants to aspire to higher goals.

Through all these path choices are there any that i shouldn't take? I kind of question this but i believe that you must make the choices on your own. For the road of SHOULD and MUST is going to be a hard road for everyone but if you can make the right choices. Doing all the MUST's that you can. I believe that you will be able to accomplish every goal you have set before yourself.

This is the article : The Crossroads of Should and Must

I hope this article can help you like it has helped me.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Preview of Coming Attractions

Through collaboration in the class i came up with the idea to volunteer at an animal clinic and hopefully be able to observe the veterinarians working. i will be taking notes, pictures, and hopefully some video. I believe that if i can do this that i will be that  much closer to understanding what a veterinarian is like as a job.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Literature Analysis #3

The Tent by: Gary paulsen

This book is about a father being very sick of being poor. He cant stand just scraping by day to day. One day he comes up with the idea to start to preach. He figures that he will get money for preaching religous things at people and it will make him rich in the process. Throughout the book steve ( his son) starts to notice that it is wrong  to preach the word about god when you have never been to church, let a lone never reading the bible.This is what the story is about.

The theme of this bok in my opinion would be, "you should be happy with what you got and who you have". and you probably shouldnt start any fake church's. Steven is pretty skeptical about the whole church thing. In the begining of the book he even says to his father "I don't think it's that bad." Steven doesnt really care about money, just being together with his dad.

The authors tone is pretty sympathetic about the situation of being poor. "And it had stayed bad until this evening, when he listened to his father go futher down that he'd ever heard." "Then the factory had closed and gone to another country-- Steven thought mexico-- and even his father, who had been a foreman of a whole shift, was terminated" " We live in a ten-year-old rented trailer in a trailer park,". yeah throughout the story it is pretty sympathetic.

"I'm sick of being poor" This is an example of indirect characterization. "no not illegal at all. We're going to help people." this is another example of indirect characterization. Steven is a 14 year old boy. this is an example of direct characterization. Him going along with his fathers plans is another example of direct characterization.

There arent any changes in his tone when he talks about the characters. they basically will stay the same. I didnt notice anything different through out the book.

The protagonist is a pretty round character. He realises that all the things him and his dad are doing are bad. He was just happy with him and his dad just living in there trailer at the trailer park. he didnt mind not having a lot but he was happy to have his father. (his mother had left because she was tired of living that way)

I feel like i have come out meeting a person only because i know a few people in that kind of situation so its easy to understand his feelings and his dads feelings. The situation being that they are poor and need money. "Steven shrugged. " I don't think it's that bad"" Steven doesn't care that they are poor. he just wants to be with his dad.